Facially Yours

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Facially Yours

After Jacqueline Jolie sucked, fucked and enjoyed a creampie for her 60PlusMILFs.com debut, she told us, “”I definitely enjoy sex and I am definitely a horny babe. Once Lin Boyde told me regarding 60Plus MILFs, I got actually excited and needed to pose. Being here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, but I am having such a good time, I hope it’s more than once-in-a-lifetime.”

Well, how regarding twice in a lifetime, Jacqueline? Yep, here she is again, sucking and fucking and this time getting the load blast on her pretty face. Now that’s Jacqueline’s plan of a workout!

Jacqueline is an outdoorsy gal who enjoys horseback riding, hiking and playing tennis. She includes a issue for cowboys and feet. She was born in California and lives in Arizona. Her breast are DD-cups (we knew you were wondering!), and she enjoys passionate kissing whereas having her clit stimulated, thus rub that vagina while you’ve got your tongue crammed down her throat. Then slam your hard schlong in her camel toe and cum in her 63-year-old crotch or on her face. Judging by what we have seen therefore far, the alternative is yours!

Facially Yours

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Woman Dulbin meets JMac

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Lady Dulbin meets JMac

JMac thinks 55-year-old Babe Dulbin is wearing a conservative housedress. Won’t he be surprised after she turns around and reveals that she’s wearing a dirty ebony dominatrix outfit underneath, the kind which makes her huge racked pop out? Won’t he be surprised when she starts sucking his fuckstick and fucking him?

Okay, maybe he can not be which stunned if he’s seen her at 50PlusMILFs.com.

Or if he knew which she’s a real-life dominatrix.

Or that she and her husband have an open relationship.

“We allow every totally various to be with the type of people we need to be with,” Lady explained.

For her, men with dicks. Or babes with cunts. She’s into simply concerning everything.

We asked Woman Dulbin if her children and grandchildren be stunned to watch her here, and she said, “Some would and a number of are extremely supportive of what I do. But I’m not worried about that. The folks who recognize me through swinging would not be surprised to check me here at all. And I am glad to be here, and my husband is satisfied that I’m here, and that is what’s so much important.”

Lady Dulbin meets JMac

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Danielle desires anal

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Danielle needs anal

Here’s what Danielle Brooks appears for in a man:

1.) Great laugh.
2.) Fun.
3.) Makes me laugh.
4.) Confident.
5.) Comfortable in his own skin.
6.) Great.
7.) Interested in me.
8.) Giving.

Yeah, we apprehend, that’s a lot of stuff. But judging by this episode, there is very one issue she’s wanting for:

1.) Hard penis.

Okay, make which two.

TWO.) Jizz.

JMac gives her what she needs, and we don’t see yet indication of him wanting to make her laugh or presenting interest in her, although he is giving. He gives it to her in the butt.

Danielle is 48. She’s a mama. She’s divorced. She contains a great singing voice. She likes sex. She likes being watched whereas having sex, especially on a porno set. And now she’s in a porn movie.

Yep, Danielle encompasses a great laugh. She’s obviously fun. She’s comfortable in her own skin. And JMac is obviously comfortable in hers.

Danielle needs anal

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“Mrs. Daniels, you’re therefore fucking hot!”

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 'Mrs. Daniels, you're so fucking hot!'

Mike’s friend Johnny helped him do some fit around the house, and currently Johnny is planning to spend the night on the bed.

“My parents are upstairs,” Mike says. “Keep the volume down, alright?”

But there is extremely nothing on TELEVISION (what else is new?), thus Johnny checks out the storage tits in front of the couch, and what’s inside? Magazines! Men’s magazines! And, wouldn’t you apprehend it, 50Plus MILFs is one of them. Therefore he starts flipping through it and…

“What the fuck! That’s Mike’s mother!”

Yeah, it has to be to a small degree of a shock to watch your best friend’s 62-year-old older slutting it up in a men’s mag, and it is a big turn-on, too, thus Johnny starts fidgeting with his cock through his pants whereas trying at the dirty footage of Mrs. Daniels when…

“Johnny, I didn’t recognize you were here,” says Mrs. Daniels, standing behind Johnny, wanting really attractive.

“I truly do appreciate you helping with the attic,” Mrs. Daniels says. “I put those magazines in there hoping you would find them. What do you suppose?”

“You’re thus fucking hot,” Johnny says.

“I am thus happy that you’re spending the night. It actually makes things such lots easier.”


“I am thus fucking sexy,” Mrs. Daniels says. “And I like teenage schlong, baby. I like my son’s friends’ big cocks. You don’t mind if Mrs. Daniels devours you, do you?”

He will not mind at all. Why should he? Not when his best friend’s mother is one among the hottest chicks on the planet. Not once she’s reaching to let him fuck her face and her giant titted and her old camel toe. Not after she’s getting to invite him to shoot his load all over her face and melons.

Did Mike say, “Keep the volume down”? Yeah, right. Not after Rita’s around.

 'Mrs. Daniels, you're so fucking hot!'

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Meet Missy Blewitt. She fucked Amanda Verhooks.

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Meet Missy Blewitt. She fucked Amanda Verhooks.

Missy Blewitt, a 50-year-old housewife, cougar and grandmother from Detroit, Michigan, makes her 50PlusMILFs.com debut by sneaking around behind her husband’s back and fucking our man Jimmy. She’s wearing horny lingerie and is prepared for action. She sucks Jimmy’s boner, fucks him both that way and takes his cum in her mouth.

Missy is a hard-bodied chick who could remind you of 50Plus MAMA Amanda Verhooks. Well, it turns out that Amanda and Missy are pals.

Missy is 5’3″ and weighs 138 pounds. She has D-cup racks. She was born in Windsor, Ontario, just across the lake from Detroit. She’s a hair stylist. She’s further been a maid and a waitress and worked for a dry cleaner. We suppose she finally found the place she belongs: in our studio.

“Some folks I recognize would be stunned to see me here,” Missy said. “Some wouldn’t.”

Amanda wouldn’t.

Her swinging friends wouldn’t.

How often does she have sex?

“Every single day!”

Guess we caught her at the right time.

Meet Missy Blewitt. She screwed Amanda Verhooks.

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The good wife

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The superb wife

Anniversaries aren’t your typical affair after you have a whore next door wife like Krissy Rose. As this episode opens, Krissy’s hubby has return home with flowers and champagne for their anniversary. Meanwhile, in the living room, Krissy is all dressed up in lingerie and fishnet stockings, but not for her hubby. She’s with a guy and reassuring him that her husband won’t be home early.

Krissy takes out her massive titty, that have pierced nipples, and sucks his dick. It is then which Krissy’s husband walks in. He walks up to them. They similarly don’t realize him. That’ll happen when you have your boner in a MILF’s mouth. Finally, they realize

“Eli, what are you doing home early?” 42-year-old Krissy says nonchalantly.

“Happy anniversary?” husband says.

“Awwww. Come over here and sit down,” Krissy says. “You’ll love it, I promise.”

He is an obedient husband, therefore he does as he’s told.

“I love you such plenty,” she says, then she keeps blowing the alternative guy’s schlong. Eli merely sits there and watches. He doesn’t budge even when the stud starts face-fucking his housewife. Who merely sits there and watches his wife get face-fucked?

A cuckold, that’s who. And when the dude shoots his jizz on Krissy’s massive boobs, she has her head in her hubby’s lap. True love.

The perfect wife

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Charlie Charm is currently a 60PlusMILF!

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Charlie Charm is currently a 60PlusMILF!

The First time housewife, mother, grandma and swinger Charlie Charm visited our studio was in 2009. Ah, we remember it well. Charlie exposed 2 lucky students how a 57-year-old nurse treats a penis at 50PlusMILFs.com.

Currently, Charlie is 63 years old. She additionally loves presenting off her melons in public. She’s additionally married. The solely differences between Charlie then and Charlie currently are which she’s older and better…and doing her issue at 60PlusMILFs.com.

Charlie does not like the plan of obtaining older. She says she feels young. She thinks like a younger person. But here’s the deal: She fucks like a old chick, and that’s a excellent factor. We told her she came to the right place, where MILF is always higher.

“I’m therefore happy to hear which,” Charlie said as she prepared for the primary fuckstick of her visit. And the winner is Peter Green, who, at 22, is teenage enough to be her grandson. Do the math.

Charlie was born in Pennsylvania and lives in Colorado. She enjoys flashing for beads at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. She describes herself as “shy and proper at home.” She is not shy and proper in our studio, although we think it’s entirely proper to suck and fuck on-camera.

She’s not a swinger, by the way. Although…”I did have a barely legal stud at Mardi Gras, together with my husband. They took turns on me all night.”

Guess it all depends on your definition of “swinger.”

Our definition of hot, horny GILF? You’re trying at her.

Charlie Charm is now a 60PlusMILF!

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Annellise Croft’s 1st stinky hole scene

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Annellise Croft's 1st asshole scene

Somewhat over a year and a half when she made her sucking-and-fucking on-camera debut at 40SomethingMag.com, big-titted Brit OLDER Annellise Croft, a chick who’s extremely popular at Scoreland.com, too, gets ass-fucked on-camera for the primary time. And she takes JMac’s penis up her booty, thus this is no newbie booty hole for Annellise. She even gets ass-fucked inside the piledriver position, a JMac specialty, then rammed unbelievably hard doggie-style before he cums on her face.

Annellise was very nervous when she exposed up at our studio for her Initial asshole bang. Her butthole experience was extremely limited, so she prepped for the giant day by stretching her stinky hole with anal plugs and toys. Perfect job, Annellise. JMac slides in smoothly when the primary firm push into her rectum.

Annellise is 51. It is regarding time she did butt, right?

Annellise is beautiful. She’s attractive. She has long, blond hair. Like we said, she has giant melons. We asked her regarding the nicest compliment she’s ever received, and, surprisingly, it had nothing to do with additionally of those things.

“Someone once told me which I have a great heart because I help animals who are in bad situations,” she said. “And that’s what extremely matters, what’s inside someone.”

Here, JMac’s boner is in Annellise’s anal, and that extremely matters.

Annellise Croft's first ass hole scene

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Kimber fucks the plumber. Her husband watches.

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Kimber fucks the plumber. Her hubby watches.

“My hubby and i were invited to take a trip on the CSC Presidential Train out of Jacksonville, Florida a couple of years ago,” said 43-year-old Kimber Phoenix, who makes a cuckold out of that truly same husband in her initial episode at 40SomethingMag.com. “It was for a trip right down to Orlando and back. Well, we quickly got bored and decided to explore some of the cars which were off-limits. We found ourselves all alone, on board the President Harry S. Truman presidential sleeper and dining automobile. We decided to possess a romp on the presidential couch whereas sipping 25-year-old scotch out of the china cabinet. It was incredible, and no one ever found out.”

That’s daring but probably not as daring as having sex on-camera for all the universe to check. Here, Kimber fucks the plumber. She checks out his plumbing. Her hubby walks in. Kimber keeps sucking and fucking the plumber’s dick. Her husband watches. Kimber loves which her hubby watches.

Kimber is a fetish model.

“I’ve modeled fetish clothing many times for photo shoots,” she said. “I love showing off my sexy toes and feet. Leather and Latex outfits are a giant turn on for me. In fact, I’m an official model for this year’s fetish convention in St. Petersburg, Florida.”

Kimber and her husband are swingers. She’s alittle of a nudist in which she swims nude in her pool and hangs out at the local nude beach. She’s lived the corporate life. Currently she gets to live the life of a MOMMY porno star. It suits her well.

Kimber fucks the plumber. Her husband watches.

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Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

They are 2 of the most-popular 60Plus MILFs ever. In fact, Rita Daniels discovered Kim Anh and sent her our way, something we’ll always be grateful for (Rita is one in all our best recruiters of new MILFs).

And, further, though Rita had done three-ways with Lexi McCain and Sally D’Angelo and Kim had done a three-way with Scarlet Andrews, we’d never been able to induce Rita and Kim in our studio at the same time.

Oh, we tried, and we thought it was aiming to happen last year, but a few last-minute complications got inside the way. But after you have two babes like Rita and Kim–women who love to fuck and take it up the booty, girls who will do simply concerning anything on-camera–you don’t give up.

And, so finally, it happened, and we’d go therefore far as to say which the pairing of Rita and Kim ranks right up there with our best ever.

We’re sure the boy who got to fuck them would agree. He’s 22-year-old Peter Green, and he had the ride of his life with 65-year-old Rita and 63-year-old Kim. He fucked their mouths. He fucked their vaginas. He fucked their booties. And can you imagine what it should feel prefer to possess your cock in Rita or Kim’s muff or ass hole whereas the choice lady licks your shaft or nuts.

Kim is from Thailand. Rita is American. East meets West, and these GILFs are the best.

Dream three-way with Rita Daniels and Kim Anh

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